Armstrong, a city known for its rich agricultural heritage and the vibrant, community-focused atmosphere, is about to experience a new wave of sweetness. Scooter’s Ice Cream, a name that resonates with joy and flavor in Kelowna, Vernon, West Kelowna, and Lake Country, is making its delightful debut in Armstrong.

Armstrong Bc

A Sweet Legacy Expands

Armstrong is not just another destination for Scooter’s; it’s a continuation of a legacy that has been sweetening the Okanagan Valley one scoop at a time. The city, with its close-knit community and scenic vistas, offers the perfect canvas for Scooter’s to paint its colorful array of flavors.

Every Scoop, A New Discovery

The residents of Armstrong are set to embark on a culinary journey that mirrors the diverse landscapes of the Okanagan Valley. Scooter’s, with its extensive frozen treat menu that caters to every palate and dietary need, is a reflection of the inclusive and welcoming spirit that defines Armstrong and its neighboring cities.

Celebrations Amplified with Scooter’s Magic

Armstrong’s events, known for their communal warmth, are about to be infused with an extra layer of excitement. The iconic tunes of Scooter’s Ice Cream truck, a sound that has become synonymous with joy in other parts of the valley, will now echo in the streets and events of Armstrong, turning every gathering into a jubilant celebration of flavors.


Armstrong is more than a new stop for Scooter’s Ice Cream; it’s a testament to the unifying power of delightful flavors and shared joys. Every resident and visitor who indulges in a scoop of Scooter’s in Armstrong is not just savoring a frozen treat but is also becoming a part of a larger, interconnected narrative of communities, flavors, and celebrations that span the beautiful Okanagan Valley. Welcome to a world where every scoop is a story, and every flavor, a bridge to shared experiences and interconnected joys!