view of Kelowna BC from on top of Knox Mountain

Scooter’s Ice Cream has been a part of Kelowna for a very long time. It’s the original ice cream truck in Kelowna, and people here love it.

Lots of Flavors

Scooter’s Ice Cream has all kinds of frozen treats. They have treats for everyone, even if you have special food needs. They have fruit treats, gluten-free ones, peanut-free options, and even vegan ice cream. You can always find something you like at Scooter’s.

Coming to Your Neighborhood

One cool thing about Scooter’s is they drive around Kelowna’s neighborhoods. They visit different parts of the city and meet lots of people. Some people have nice memories of getting ice cream from Scooter’s when they were kids. Others are trying it for the first time. No matter what, it brings the community closer.

During the summer, Scooter’s Ice Cream truck goes to many places in Kelowna. You can find them in downtown Kelowna, the Mission area, Dilworth Mountain, and even Rutland and Black Mountain.

More Than Just a Truck

Scooter’s doesn’t only go to neighborhoods. They also come to private events like birthdays, weddings, and work parties. It’s a fun way to make special occasions even better.

Block Parties Are the Best

One of the coolest things Scooter’s does is going to block parties. It’s when people in a neighborhood get together and have fun. They eat, ride bikes, walk, and play games like street hockey. Scooter’s Ice Cream truck comes, and everyone gets a treat. It’s a great way for people to meet each other and have a good time.

Going Beyond Kelowna

Even though Scooter’s mostly stays in Kelowna, they sometimes go to other places in the Okanagan Valley. They join local events and share their yummy ice cream with more communities.

Scooter’s Ice Cream is a big part of Kelowna. It brings people together and makes everyone happy. Wherever Scooter’s goes, it reminds us how a simple ice cream treat can bring smiles and make new friends.