Nestled between the pristine waters of Wood and Kalamalka Lake, Oyama, a jewel of British Columbia, is about to be adorned with another gem – Scooter’s Ice Cream. With its roots deeply embedded in Kelowna, and its flavors blossoming in Vernon, West Kelowna, Lake Country, and Armstrong, Scooter’s is now set to sprinkle its magic in the serene landscapes of Oyama.

Oyama Bc

A Symphony of Flavors

Oyama, characterized by its tranquil environment and close-knit community, is the perfect setting for the melody of flavors that Scooter’s Ice Cream brings. Each scoop is a harmonious blend of quality ingredients, innovation, and the legacy of a brand that has been the nostalgic heartbeat of the Okanagan Valley.

A Diverse Culinary Canvas

The residents and visitors of Oyama are about to embark on a delightful journey where each flavor tells a tale of the places and people that Scooter’s has touched. The extensive menu, celebrated for its inclusivity, caters to a myriad of tastes and dietary needs, ensuring that the joy of indulging in a frozen treat is a universal experience.

We Elevate Local Events in Oyama

The communal spirit of Oyama’s gatherings and events is set to be amplified with the arrival of Scooter’s. The iconic ice cream truck, a symbol of celebration and togetherness, will weave through the streets of Oyama, turning every event, big or small, into a jubilant festival of flavors and shared moments.


The arrival of Scooter’s Ice Cream in Oyama is not just the introduction of a new flavor palette to the city; it’s the weaving of Oyama into a broader narrative of community, celebration, and shared joys that spans across the Okanagan Valley. Each resident of Oyama who indulges in the delightful offerings of Scooter’s is not just enjoying an ice cream but is also stepping into a world where flavors, people, and places are intricately connected, each scoop serving as a testament to the unifying power of shared experiences and delightful tastes. Welcome to Oyama, Scooter’s Ice Cream, where every flavor is a celebration and every scoop, a connection!