In the picturesque city of Vernon, nestled within the heart of the Okanagan Valley, residents and visitors alike have discovered a delightful surprise – the arrival of Scooter’s Ice Cream! Though originally hailing from Kelowna, Scooter’s has expanded its horizons, bringing its iconic and beloved ice cream truck to the streets and events of Vernon.

Vernon Bc

A Taste of Kelowna in Vernon

Scooter’s Ice Cream, renowned for its eclectic mix of flavors and treats, has made a tradition of serving happiness one scoop at a time. While Kelowna has been its home, the allure of sharing their delectable frozen delights with the broader Okanagan Valley was irresistible. Vernon, with its vibrant community and scenic beauty, was a natural choice for Scooter’s next destination.

Frozen Delights for Every Palate

Vernonites are in for a treat, quite literally! Scooter’s is not your average ice cream truck. It boasts an extensive menu catering to every preference and dietary requirement. From classic ice cream flavors to vegan options, gluten-free, and peanut-free treats, there’s something for everyone. The fruit treats are a refreshing option, capturing the essence of summer in every bite.

Events and Parties, Scooter’s Style!

But it’s not just the streets of Vernon that Scooter’s graces with its presence. Private events, parties, and gatherings in the city have been infused with an extra layer of excitement. Imagine a birthday party where the iconic Scooter’s Ice Cream truck rolls up, its melody heralding an array of frozen delights for eager guests. Weddings, corporate events, and community gatherings are all elevated with Scooter’s unique touch.

Community Bonding, One Scoop at a Time

Scooter’s Ice Cream is more than a business; it’s a community experience. Every visit to Vernon is an opportunity to forge connections, build relationships, and weave into the fabric of the city’s community tapestry. Each scoop served is not just a transaction but an exchange of smiles, stories, and moments that linger long after the ice cream has melted.


Vernon, with its enchanting landscapes and warm, welcoming community, has embraced Scooter’s Ice Cream with open arms. As the truck weaves through the streets, attends events, and becomes a part of the city’s narrative, it carries with it the spirit of Kelowna – a testament to the unifying power of a simple ice cream treat. In the world of Scooter’s, every flavor is a journey, and every scoop, a bridge connecting communities across the beautiful Okanagan Valley.