West Kelowna, a gem of British Columbia, is known for its stunning landscapes, vibrant community, and now, the sweet, melodious tunes of Scooter’s Ice Cream truck winding through its streets. A beloved icon originally from Kelowna, Scooter’s has been weaving its magic in the Okanagan Valley, including the charming city of Vernon, and has now made its way to West Kelowna.

West Kelowna Bc

A Kelowna Legacy Blooms in West Kelowna

Scooter’s Ice Cream, with its rich legacy of serving a delightful array of frozen treats in Kelowna, is no stranger to the hearts of those in the Okanagan Valley. West Kelowna, with its scenic beauty and warm community, provides the perfect backdrop for Scooter’s to sprinkle its unique blend of joy and flavor.

Every Flavor Tells a Story

Residents and visitors of West Kelowna are treated to the same extensive menu that made Scooter’s a household name in Kelowna and a delightful discovery in Vernon. Each flavor, be it the classic vanilla, the refreshing fruit treats, or the specially crafted gluten-free and vegan options, is a narrative of Scooter’s commitment to inclusivity and innovation.

More Than Ice Cream – A Community Affair

Scooter’s presence in West Kelowna transcends the ordinary ice cream experience. It’s a communal affair, a gathering of smiles, laughter, and shared moments. Like in Kelowna and Vernon, private events in West Kelowna are now graced with the iconic Scooter’s truck, turning every gathering into a festival of flavors and joy.

Building Bridges with Every Scoop

As Scooter’s expands its journey, every city it touches, including West Kelowna, becomes a part of a larger narrative. It’s a tapestry of communities, each distinct yet connected by the universal language of ice cream. The residents of West Kelowna aren’t just enjoying a scoop of ice cream; they are savoring a piece of Kelowna’s legacy and Vernon’s embrace.


West Kelowna is not just another stop for Scooter’s Ice Cream; it’s a continuation of a journey that began in the heart of Kelowna and found its stride in Vernon. Every scoop served here is infused with the spirit of the places and people that Scooter’s has touched along the way. As West Kelowna welcomes Scooter’s, it joins a network of communities where every street visited, every scoop served, and every smile exchanged, is a testament to the unifying power of a simple yet extraordinary ice cream experience.